Jack Richard Daniel Duff (born July 6, 1999) is an Irish singer. He was a former member of RoadTrip, announcing his departure in December 2019. He was the only Irish member.

He released his debut single “Bad for Me” on May 20, 2020.

Jack Duff was born on July 6, 1999 from Meath, Ireland. He has a younger sister named Emily Duff.

He began singing when he was four, and started posting cover videos to his YouTube channel that featured him at the age of 11. He uploaded a cover version of the track “Grenade” by Bruno Mars on YouTube, which caught the attention of many high-profile personalities.

2013-2019: Jack and Cormac and RoadTrip

Jack received worldwide exposure after he participated in the seventh season of the talent competition series, Britain’s Got Talent, in 2013. He met singer and guitarist Cormac Connell at St. Patrick’s Classical School in Navan, Ireland. The two had participated in a school talent show before auditioning for BGT as Jack and Cormac. In the audition, they performed the Of Monsters and Men’s song “Little Talks”. The duo ended up being semi-finalists, placing third just behind comedian Jack Carroll and singer-rapper Gabz. After performing as a duo, they eventually parted ways.

In September 2016, Blair Dreelan and 3/4 of RoadTrip found Jack at a gig in Dublin, Ireland, asking if he wanted to join a band and fly to London the next day. Jack agreed, becoming the new trialist for the group. He officially became the fifth member in November, completing the lineup for the first time, which was announced on Christmas Day. Jack later revealed in 2020 that he was due to start an apprenticeship as a plumber a week before Blair took him in. He got sacked from his job a day after, being in Manchester, where he was supposed to be fitting windows and received the text message. He sat in McDonald’s and said to Blair he just got sacked and he better not be sent home.

Together as a five-piece, the band released four EPs (including the acoustic version of the third extended play), and went on multiple headlining and supporting tours, primarily around the United Kingdom and Ireland over a span of four years. The last tour he went on as a member was the Hero tour. In November 2019, he moved out of the band’s house two weeks prior and on December 8, announced he was leaving the group to pursue a solo musical career, still under the same management. He stated that he was no longer happy being in a band anymore, but that they were still on good terms.

2020-present: Singles and touring

On February 25, 2020, he announced of being a supporting act for RoadTrip’s concert, One Night Only, marking it his first-ever show as a solo act. Sometime in 2020 he left Alphadog Management due to having a different vision for his music, with Adam Jordan as his new manager. It is speculated that he never intended on staying under management, but it was for publicity, as the band later revealed of Blair’s mistreatment over them.

In April, he alongside Spencer Elmer released their freestyle “Coconut Milk”, it also being his first original piece of music, over their respective YouTube channels. He released his 2020 singles “Bad for Me” (May 20), “XTC” (August 14), and “Clarity” (December 11) via AMS Music Group, which were co-written and produced by Ben Stancombe.

He is part of the lineup for The Ultimate Boyband Tour. He announced his first headlining tour on September 1, planned to begin in March 2021 around the UK.

Jack is dating beauty influencer Kirsty Belle Addison, first meeting by messaging her over Instagram, and they started talking. He was first featured in her YouTube video, “Making the World’s Best Gingerbread House” in December 2019.

When he was younger, he used to collapse a lot, being anemic, and went to the hospital.

In September, he started streaming over Twitch.